Virtual Reality Man

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Apprentice Surprise!

Wow! Donald Trump actually kicked out 4 members at one go in this episode I just watched.

For those that are overseas, this is part 3 of the Apprentice that I am referring to. Lots of bitching and blame shoving, as usual. But this team made the BIGGEST loss ever in the whole of Trump's Apprentice series, a whopping negative 37% or so loss in a sports equipment promotion event!

Shouldn't elaborate more, but let just say no parting comments were made, in comparison with the other episodes where the loser will nag or give his or her comments in the cab. This time round, all 4 losers had to share the same cab, thus I guess nobody wanna talk as they would have became enemies by now... ha ha!


Guess that's about all I want to blog about.

Monday, October 31, 2005


YEAR 2005

I live in one of the skyhigh skyscrappers in a modern cosmopolitan city called the Republic of Sin.

Sin... how apt. It's happening everywhere in Sin City. As I am typing this, a girl is being raped, a man is being butchered, a fraudulent transaction is taking place, illegal drugs are being sold and in this virtual realm, hacking is underway.

Whilst I sit here and do virtually nothing but type, an event is taking place unknowingly... I can it the VR Energy. A term unique by itself and known only to one man... myself.


As a schoolboy, VR MAN, our hero and main protagonist, was quite a condemned nerd at school. As he was a meek boy, with slight build and thick spectacles (wearing spectacles were not common back then), he would be often taunted by his peers.

Amazingly, VR MAN had a high tolerance... and he wasn't at all insulted. In fact, he felt that his peers had to taunt him because they didn't do as well as he did in his studies, and abusing him about his build was probably the best that they could do.

Such matured thinking and graciousness was quite rare in a child. VR MAN was no ordinary child. At primary 3, he made topped the gifted programme selection test. And was sent packing to another school called the American Chicken School. Because his neighbourhood school did not offer the gifted programme.

"Ha ha ha!" VR MAN thought. Those bullies will miss me for sure.

(To be continued)